Why I Will Never Date Poor Men Again

rich men poor menI grew up in a fairly affluent suburb of a major Canadian city. My childhood was filled with family holidays, music lessons, tennis lessons and I never lacked for anything I needed or truly wanted.

When I left for university, I was in awe of the huge variety of backgrounds that people came from. I moved from my sheltered home to an apartment with roommates and like my peers, began dating.

I was intrigued by people who were different from me, that my parents wouldn’t ae necessarily approved of. I dated musicians, artists, fellow students, and in other words, people who didn’t have a lot of money. Back then, it didn’t matter. We went out to dive bars, karaoke bars, and to Tuesday evening movies. They didn’t shower me with gifts, or take me out for expensive meals. More often than not, I paid for dinners and treats. It didn’t matter though, because we were all just having fun and getting out there.

After graduation, things changed. I began working as a writer in the city, and got involved in my first serious relationship. The man didn’t have a lot of money, and when we move in together, things quickly went south. We fought over bills, bills that I usually ended up paying with my hard earned money. He used his salary to pay for outings with his friends. I was horrified as we became one of the couples who fought over money. Things didn’t last long after that.

Over and over again, I dated men who said they didn’t have money, and who could never afford to do anything unless I paid. I had pretty good jobs, and was good at saving, so more often than not, I funded their lifestyles. It made me angry, and over time, I became very tired of being taken advantage of.

When I finally happened to date a rich man, things became easier. Money was never an issue, because there was so much of it. He was able to take me to dinners and buy me presents on special occasions, making me feel appreciated. We never fought over bills. It was overall a happier, easier relationship.

Since then, I have sworn off poor men. It’s just too difficult, and I’m tired of fighting and being taken advantage of. Of course, you should date whoever makes you happy, but I advise you not to settle. There are so many fish in the sea that it’s not difficult to set boundaries – you just have to know what your standards are and stick with them.