What's It Like to Be Among the Richest One Percent?

top 10 richest men in AmericaAccording to statistics, the richest 1 percent population in the United States of America has the money equivalent to the remaining 99 percent. These are huge numbers and you probably would not want to know the figures. In a recent interview with a multi–millionaire, who owns score of hotels across the globe, casinos, and also happens to be a venture capitalist, we get insights into the lifestyle of a person who belongs to the top 1 percent of rich individuals in the country.

On request, we have not mentioned his name or referred to any of his business in order to maintain confidentiality.

Money was never an issue in his life. All he ever knew was they had plenty of money and he never had to think before purchasing anything, regardless of whether or not he needed it. However, that doesn’t mean he had the liberty to do anything. Being insanely rich only meant there was one less constraint to worry about. He had to take other constraints such as ethics, compassion, laws, personality, social image and common sense into account.

While people think that billionaires have the liberty to zoom across the globe in their private planes, he found it very comfortable to travel in economy class of an airplane. However, there were a few things that we could afford and other couldn’t, which we were complete aware of. Holidaying in some of the most picturesque places across the globe is something he got a taste of at a very early age.

That didn’t mean all his demands were fulfilled at the blink of an eye. His parents didn’t cater to all his demands and made sensible decisions regarding the same. If he needed any book, irrespective of how expensive it was, he got it in no time. On the other hand, his demands for expensive toys or ornaments were turned down almost instantly because they weren’t appropriate for the person who was no older than 18 years.

Born in a wealthy family also makes it obligatory to do more for the society than 99% of the population. It is imperative to ensure that a person at the other of the spectrum doesn’t starve to death. Everyone in his family works full time and tirelessly. Belonging to the richest 1 percent of the population has its share of disadvantages as well. For instance, he cannot hang out with friends like any ordinary person would do. Besides, he is always accompanied with personal security, which to an extent suffocates him.

All in all, being rich is great, given the fact that you don’t have to think about disturbing your monthly budget before purchasing something new. On the other hand, wealthy people are expected to be more responsible, which makes them cautious about everything they do.