What's It Like to Date A Millionaire?

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date a millionaireWe have come across a lot of women who have dated millionaires or billionaires in order to overcome poverty and give their lifestyle a necessary boost. However, just as every coin has two sides, dating a millionaire too has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, with the latter being ignored by many women. This is the story of a woman, who didn’t want to be named, who unknowingly dated and later got hitched to a millionaire.

  • You're living a dream: Gone are the days when you had to think twice before purchasing anything special or had to wait for the festive season in order to get discounted deals on your favorite brands. When you're dating a millionaire, you don’t have to worry about the price tag. Besides, you aren't cautious about the way you're using your phone, electricity or other utilities. Everything becomes so much simpler.
  • Weekend getaways are replaced with annual vacations: It has been rightly said that only poor people plan for weekends while the rich are busy building an empire. Having a millionaire as your life companion would mean he has absolutely no time for you. His clients hold precedence and most of his time is either spent travelling or in business meetings. You are eventually forced to make a social circle of your own to hang out with.
  • You begin to wonder if he is actually your husband / wife: With your companion travelling 20 days a month, there is barely any time when you have dinner together. The only time you catch up is during social dinners, where he is occupied interacting with clients and prospective investors, leaving you in solitude. You begin to chat on iMessage or WhatsApp and your sex life certainly takes a hit.
  • You have the liberty of pursuing your dreams: With a millionaire as your life companion, you'd no longer have to worry about making ends meet or saving money for the future as your partner would already be doing that. This gives you the liberty of pursuing your dreams or take up a hobby, which you wouldn’t have done in the pursuit of money. Besides, if you have any good business idea that has economic viability, you could also seek help from your partner in establishing it.

While we wouldn’t say that dating a millionaire isn't easy, it certainly isn't everyone’s cup of tea, given the fact that it requires tones of patience and an entirely different mindset. If you think you're in the right frame of mind and having a busy companion wouldn’t make you wander outside the relationship, there is no harm dating a millionaire. In case you're keen on connecting with a super rich person online, we suggest building a profile on a dedicated millionaire dating site such as MillionaireMatch and get the ball rolling.