What Gay Millionaires Are Looking for in a Match

gay millionaireLet’s just say you’re a gay man looking for a same-sex relationship online. You’ve never looked before, and you may not know where to start, but you already have your list of what you’re looking for.

You want someone who’s accomplished, professional, educated, fun to be with, handsome, sexy, loyal, reasonably young and with a sense of adventure and wicked sense of humor. Oh, and it would be wonderful if he were a millionaire who could spoil you the way you know you deserve.

When you tell your friends, they laugh. That’s what the whole gay population is looking for, they tell you.

Even though you might be all these things – attractive, stylish and fun – these things alone are not enough to catch a millionaire match online. You’re up against thousands of other men with those same qualities online – and although first impressions count, other things do, too.

See, gay millionaires are like straight millionaire men. Yes, they are looking for good-looking matches, but it goes beyond looks. They also want someone who is committed, loyal, kind, and sweet. Attractive appearances and style will only go so far. In fact, someone who is too concerned with their appearance and clothing is a turnoff for these men, who often made their money through hard work, savings, and smarts, and who value the same qualities in their partner. Often, they spend so much time at work that they want someone who is low key, and values the comforts and simple things in life, not someone who is out partying every night.

The movies depict young hot gay men otherwise, but really, the millionaire men want someone loyal and true, that they can depend on when the rest of their world gets crazy. And when you’re a gay man with more money than he can count – trust us, those days happen often enough.