Top 10 Date Ideas Your Millionaire Boyfriend Will Love

date a millionaireYou’ve met the man of your dreams on millionaire dating sites. He’s taken you to the best restaurants, showered you with lavish gifts and now, you want to let him know how you feel by returning the favor and surprising him.

But what can you do? After all, he’s a millionaire, and has infinitely more resources at hand than you do. You’re doing well, but let’s face it – you’re a working girl and you don’t have a bottomless wallet. You have a budget. You still need to pay the rent next month.

Here are 10 date ideas and places that your millionaire man will love.

  • Take him to the top of the world! Book a flight in a hot air balloon and go for a ride that he will never forget. Whether you choose a sunrise ride or a sunset trip, the view will be guaranteed to be incredible. Note: Don’t do this if he has a terrible fear of heights.
  • Take him on a picnic. It’s refreshingly carefree and low-key, you can pack all his favorite foods and it will remind him of simpler times, before he was a millionaire and people were expecting him to go to the fanciest restaurants.
  • Go to New York City. Unless of, course, he already lives and works in New York. There are tons of adventures there, and lots of things you can do, and it’s one of the few cities that you can do on the cheap and still have a good time, because, well, they are so accommodating for tourists. Go for a buggy ride in Central Park, drink the best espresso in an Italian neighbourhood and catch a Broadway play.
  • Go dancing! Give him a free lesson at a nightclub. He probably doesn’t get time to go very often, and this is the perfect opportunity to show him your moves, and remind him how sexy you are.
  • Role play at a restaurant or a bar. Tell him to meet you at a restaurant that the two of you have never been, and to wait for you at the bar. Show up dressed to the nines, and introduce yourself, pretending you don’t know each other. You won’t believe how a little fantasy can spark some flames in your relationship!
  • Take him on a tour of your childhood neighbourhood… and request he do the same. Unless you grew up in a different country, take him to your hometown. Show him the house you grew up in, the elementary school you went to, the bleachers where you had your first high school kiss. He will love learning all about you, and how you came to be you.
  • Do something low-key. If he’s a millionaire, he probably dates all kinds of women who want him to take them to the fanciest places. Show him you’re different by suggesting a superhero movie at the local cinema.
  • Go on a bike ride. Millionaires don’t usually have time to go enjoy simple pleasures in life, like going for a walk or a ride in the country.
  • Take him to somewhere that he wants to go. Are you listening to what he’s saying? Is he a baseball fan? Take him to a Red Sox game. Does he love the opera? Pick up tickets. The key is to pick up the tab once in a while, even though he clearly has more money.
  • Take him back to your place. Enough said.