Do Not Have Sex with a Rich Man on Your First Date

sex with rich man on first dateLet’s just say that you’ve met someone. He’s good-looking, well-educated, funny, nice, and rich, to boot. He asks you out on a date and makes you laugh all night. He pulls out your chair, buys you dinner, and gets you refills on your drinks. You’ve never met someone so attentive. You’re pretty sure that although you just met, this is someone you could definitely fall for. At the end of the night, he drops you off at home in his fancy sports car, and even walks you up to your door. He hovers briefly at the doorway, waiting for an invitation to come inside.

Do you let him in?

If you do, it should be for a coffee or one drink, and nothing more. Use all your willpower if you must, but send him home at the end of the night. If it’s your first date, there is no negotiation allowed. You must not allow him to stay the night, and under no circumstances do you sleep with him.

Why not, you ask? It’s not like you haven’t ever had sex before. You’re a grown woman, and you like this guy, very much. It’s obvious he’s interested in you. But if you want to keep his interest, if you want him to ever see you as more than a fling or a good time, you do not take your clothes off for a man you’ve only just met, no matter what girls do in the movies.

If you want a rich man – or any man, for that matter – to take you seriously, and consider you to be marriage material, or relationship worthy, you don’t sleep with him. Rich men are even pickier than your run-of-the-mill guy because, well, they can be. Hold out as long as you can, and then wait a little bit longer. Wait for some sign of commitment from him – a few months of steady dating, meeting his family, or even a proposal. Show yourself some respect, and he will respect you too. Your body is your temple, and you should not let just anyone in.