Why Rich Men & Beautiful Women Are Good Match

Donald Trump and his womanThere's a reason why men like entrepreneur Donald Trump and French financier Olivier Sarkozy end up with beautiful women. They may not be the handsomest men on the planet, but their partners are gorgeous.

Rich men always seem to end up with beautiful women, and there are lots of reasons why. First of all, it's because they have something that people want – wealth and freedom to buy whatever they want, whether it's a multi-million dollar home or a private island – so they are in demand. It's also because women don't care as much about men's looks – only the success and their ability to provide.

Perhaps it's ingrained after millions of years of evolution – females have always sought mates that give them and their offspring the best chance at survival. That means that they are automatically drawn to men who are taller, bigger, more powerful, and have the ability to provide for them. They want to feel protected and that their children will feel protected. Men, on the other hand, have evolved to look for women who will give them the best offspring. That means that they are hardwired to look for attractive women, with curves that have the best chances of reproducing. They also want someone who will support them, because that means that they can look after the home (be gatherers) and be good mothers while they do the hunting.

While all of this sounds demeaning, and against modern beliefs that women should make their own money, and men should look for their intellectual equals instead of a woman with a great body, you can't argue with biology. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and everyone likes something slightly different in a mate, but these are the general rules. It's hardwired into us.