Mіllіоnаіrе Wоmеn, This Iѕ Whу Yоu Arе Stіll Single

rich womanYou have heard if before from your mom and probably a hundred other people, “Get a life.” Seriously, I cannot tell you how many women looking for coaching programs and asking, “I’m a great girl. I’m pretty. I’m smart. How come I’m still single?”

What most successful women fail to recognize is the fact that men are NOT turned off by success itself, but what it can do to the woman. If you are one of these women, then please take a look at your life and see whether you have things that you need to change in the way you look at relationships. Have you become more demanding? Do you seem more of a control-freak now compared to before? Do you expect to be as successful in your millionaire dating relationships as you are in your career because you believe that these kinds of things simply go for you?

Millionaire women, this is why you are still single!

  • You are rich and beautiful but you are attracting the wrong people.

    You are going after the wrong guy. It happens all too often. You are able to pull what you think is a fantastic guy – good looking, charming, a guy girls and women would kill for. He can get whomever he wants. And that’s part of the problem.

    If you are constantly seeking the guy who is going to make every woman jealous, keep in mind that this guy probably knows that he can get you and any other woman in the room. Thinking about the lotharios are the ones that want to stick around are where you are bound to get caught going after the wrong guy.

    A nice guy is primarily relationship-oriented; he may first be attracted to a woman’s external beauty, but it is her internal beauty he values most highly. It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.

    A woman turns to makeup and fashion to boost her self-esteem and make her more desirable to men. Yet ironically, the more beautiful she makes herself, the better her chances of attracting the wrong type of guy.

  • You are successful women and you like rich men, but rich men prefers a sweet hottie.

    An advice to you, millionaire women, just because a woman is successful doesn’t mean that she has to act like the Alpha female. Some women (some, not all though) tend to think that they can make anything work just by sheer force and determination, the same way that they have succeeded in their careers. But they need to remember that business is mostly setting the mind to work, while relationships involve the heart.

    There is simple truth to having your perfect match last when you are a successful woman: remember that you are into millionaire dating because you want to have someone that you can have a successful personal relationship with.

    Beside, having a successful relationship means giving and receiving, trusting the other person, and accepting him for everything that he is, the same way that he would accept you for who you really are.

  • Your standards are too high.

    It is great to have high standards. No woman should sell herself short and then be stuck in a situation she regrets. There is such a thing, however, as having standards that are too high.

    What is the difference, you ask? Well, normal standards are something like this: “I want him to respect me, treat me right and be honest and decent.” Too-high standards look like this: “He better drive a Lexus and have a job making six figures.”

    It’s good to have expectations but ultimately, whether or not he is a high earner isn’t going to bring you happiness or a stable relationship. Also, don’t let your standards get in the way of a good guy. Sometimes, women will pass on a man, believing they can do better, only to settle with a lesser someone years later.

    Always ask yourself if your standards are realistic. And more importantly, ask if your standards will nab you the man that will make you happy.

  • Being too negative and proud

    Do you need to win every argument? Are you confrontational or super defensive? Do you never give compliments, are always negative or can’t be pleased? If so, this might be something to look at.

    Believe it or not, there are certain personality traits that will turn men off, no matter how gorgeous or rich a woman is. If you always walk into a relationship like nothing he does is good enough, he will not stick around. And if, when you first meet a man, you are not willing to engage him in conversation about his interests, he will also not stick around.

    Don’t be combative or hostile and don’t let one thing he says turn you off to him completely. Open up a little more and don’t stress. Men who see women as unfairly and overly negative usually head for the door.