10 Places to Meet Rich Men Who Are Looking for Love

rich men looking for loveHave you ever dreamt of dating a rich man who would change your life forever? If yes, you're not alone. Despite the fact that stipulations have changed over the years, the desire to be a rich man’s lady is very much alive. If you want to marry a rich man, check out our list of the 10 best places to meet rich men who are looking for love.

  • Rich Men Dating Sites That Promote Long-term Serious Relationships:

    Rich men dating sites have made it easy for rich men to find a match without having to spend a lot of time dating prospective matches and going on coffee dates with random women. With a wide array of websites built to cater to the needs of rich men, rich men can now connect with a potential partner from any part of the world, as long as they have an active data connection. If you're wondering if rich men prefer being hooked up with women of the same class, research shows it isn't a prerequisite. On the contrary, rich men prefer dating women who aren't multi–millionaires. It is also worth mentioning that membership of a rich men dating site would cost just a fraction of what it would to bag an invite to a fundraising event or a day pass to the golf club.
  • Golf Clubs:

    Ever seen a poor man playing golf? Regarded as a rich man’s sport, golf courses attract a lot of wealthy and influential men, proving to be ideal hunting grounds for women seeking millionaire partners. It is worth mentioning that membership of these golf clubs isn't cheap and you'd have to shell out a considerable amount of cash to become a member. If you aren't interested in obtaining a full–year plan, consider getting a day pass. Golf courses are a playground for successful men looking to entertain prospective clients or strike business deals.
  • Sports Bars and Events:

    If you're under the impression that finding rich guys at a sports event is a no–brainer, think again! While you'd have to do a bit of homework choosing the perfect place, it might just as well pay off. Rich guys with a great deal of disposal income are known to spend a great deal of money on exclusive sports events such as premier leagues and high–profile NBA or NFL matches. However, if you fail to make it to an event, you may consider heading over to a sports bar and celebrate with sports fans with beer.
  • Auction Centers:

    If you have a taste for rich men who admire exclusive art, auction centers are the right place to visit. Auctions are great for those who love to purchase and sell collectibles and extravagant antiques. However, this isn't the place for every woman seeking a millionaire companion. It is worth mentioning that wealthy men often have agents bidding for them. Besides, the audience that participates in the auction is often older.
  • Charity Events:

    If you're lucky enough to bag the invites to a charity or a fundraising event, you'd certainly find yourself in esteemed company, surrounded by renowned men from all walks of life. While a $20,000 ticket to a charity event might not fit your budget, it is worthwhile to look out for other fundraising or charity events that aren't as expensive to participate in. Regardless of the type of event you're attending, it is essential you dress appropriately and make a great first impression. Although, we don’t suggest you come up with something extremely wild in order to grab the attention of others around you.
  • Luxury Car Dealerships:

    Rich men deserve something that is not only exclusive but also caters to their exquisite taste of finesse and class. Dealerships featuring luxury car brands like Porsche, Mercedes–Benz, BMW, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, among others, attract wealthy customers who wish to either add a new machine to their garage or sell their car. Besides, these dealerships are also known to organize various events and get-togethers exclusive to owners of these cars. Although, you might not be able to purchase one, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be someone’s ‘plus one’ and head over to an event that might eventually prove to be a life–changing affair.
  • High–end Pubs:

    Where do successful and rich men look forward to going at the end of a stressful day? A high–end pub that serves their favorite drink! Rich men prefer to hang out in bars and pubs that are near to their places of business. Thus, if you're keen on connecting with wealthy and influential men, pubs within a stone–throw distance to corporate centers are considered ideal. Avoid visiting during peak working hours and during the weekends, as you'd see a mixed crowd. It is advised you visit during late evenings as professional bachelors prefer visiting pubs with friends to have a late night drink after a long day at work.
  • Movie Premiers and After Parties:

    Movie premiers and accompanying parties offer an amazing opportunity to meet the who’s who from the world of glitz and glamour. Social gathering in the entertainment industry are bound to attract the bold and beautiful, some of whom happen to be single. If you're an extrovert and wish to socialize with celebrities in order to set the foundation of a long term relationship, you'd have to snag a ticket to a red carpet event.
  • Spa Resort:

    Although this might sound like a great weekend plan, choosing the right spa resort might help you land up with the man of your dreams. Rich men are known to pamper themselves and with tones of cash at their disposal, they'd be looking forward to hitting the best relaxation retreat in the city. Needless to say, spa resorts are expensive and it is advised to check out for the best deals before you make up your mind to visiting one in the city. While your options might be a little restricted here unlike sports bars, you'd meet more composed and open–minded individuals who don’t shy away from connecting with strangers.
  • Business Clubs for Rich Men:

    Business clubs for rich men are places that bring the most affluent singles for general get-togethers, celebrations and cocktail parties. If you can manage to grab an invite to an event of this scale, you'd have access to scores of playboys who are on the hunt for their partners. On the other hand, you'd also find a lot of eligible bachelors who wish to get hitched with a like–minded individual. While the opportunities are endless, looking for best here is a compulsion, for you wouldn’t want to ruin your initial impression.

Before you set out on the journey to finding a rich partner, it is essential you understand what rich men look out for in a companion. It is worth mentioning that these individuals have an eye for perfection and anything short of that would be deemed unacceptable. Besides, rich men prefer dating a person who'd complement him in every respect–looks, intellectuality and sense of responsibility.