How to Know If Someone Loves You or Your Money

love you or your moneyYou’ve got a bit of wealth to your name. OK, make that a lot. Whether you’ve got a million dollars, tens of millions or simply pull in a darn good wage, you’ve worked hard for your cash. Your life is comfortable, and you’re pretty happy.

There’s one thing that would make you happier, and that would be companionship from someone you love, and that loves you in return.

While dating is hard for regular, middle-class people at best, it can be downright challenging for those of us millionaires who are trying to find true love – without losing the family fortune or getting ripped off in the process. Can it be done, you ask? Can rich men and rich women find their match – without losing their shirt in the process? Here’s our guide on how to avoid the gold diggers, and to find someone who loves you for who you are, not for what’s in your bank account, and how to tell the difference between the two.

Tip #1: Don’t talk about your wealth

Same as how Fight Club members don’t talk about Fight Club, members of the millionaires club shouldn’t talk about what they make and how much they have, if they want to find true love – at least, not at first. By talking about your wealth, you’re a shiny bait for all the gold diggers out there who are hardwired to zone in on that Rolex on your wrist. When you meet someone, talk about mutual interests, the event you are at, your hobbies, careers, pop culture, sports – anything but money. Once you are sure about the relationship, you can casually bring up your assets then. Until then, mum’s the word.

Tip #2: Don’t lavish him or her with expensive gifts all the time

It’s fine to spoil the person you’re dating with lovely presents on his or her birthday, or your anniversary, or around Christmastime. If you have the means, you will probably want to, and that is natural. But do exercise some restraint, and don’t make it a habit year round, or your loved one will expect these presents year round. That is not something that you want, because how will you know if they want to be with you because of you, or because of what you’re giving them?

Tip #3: Bring up a prenupial agreement

If you’re in that stage of dating and are considering making it permanent, just casually bring up the idea of a prenup as a test (even if you don’t believe in having one). Why? The person’s reaction will be a telltale sign of whether they want to be with you, or with your money. If they shrug it off, chances are that it is real. If they raise a fuss, you might want to ask yourself why that is the case.

Tip #4: Keep your holidays modest

If you’re funding amazing vacations and trips around the world all the time, how will you know if the person you are with is with you for the free (first-class) rides? Mix up the expensive trips with some slightly cheaper hotels and some lower-cost excursions and watch the person’s reaction.