Four Books That Teach Women How to Land a Rich Man

land rich manIf you want to be trained in law, you go to law school. If you’re vying to learn to sketch, you can take some classes at an art academy. But what if your dream is to meet and marry a rich man?

Yes, these dreams do exist, and we’re far from judging! After all, dreams are dreams, and life is short, so you should do your best to make them come true. While unfortunately, there is no school to attend to help you learn to meet a millionaire, there are ways and means to learn about the process. After all, millionaires are a different breed, and your usual tactics for meeting men – as effective as they may have been in the past – may not work here.

There are lots of good books out there that outline how you can meet a rich man, lead him to fall in love with you, and marry you. Today, we outline four of them, and let you know where you can buy them. So cuddle up with a blanket, a good book, and a soothing cup of tea, and get ready for your life to change forever!

  • #1: Marry a Millionaire - The Best Places To Find Rich Men

    By Coach Juliet | $3.99 Marry a Millionaire - The Best Places To Find Rich Men

    Coach Juliet has written a book about how to find the best places to meet rich men. She claims that this book will show you how to meet a millionaire.

    A Romance Strategy Expert, Coach Juliet outlines how to meet an abundance of rich men. She outlines the places you should go, events to attend, activities to participate in and locations to hang out where you are guaranteed to interact with wealthy men.

    She also goes over how a regular girl can approach these elite men, how to gain free access to elite events and tips on how you can give your wealthy new friend the opportunity to fall in love with you.

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  • #2: Trophy Wife: How To Find Your Rich Husband

    Climb The Social Ladder By Finding Your Rich Husband, Including Law of Attraction Principals and Detailed Guides, Tips And Advice To Find Him | By Sarah Marshall | $2.99 Trophy Wife: How To Find Your Rich Husband

    This highly-rated book features tips for the regular, beautiful woman.

    It was written on the premise that there are thousands of single rich men around the world right now, all looking for their future wives.

    Sarah Marshall claims to have unlocked the secrets, using the Law of Attraction and highly secret strategies and methods designed to attract him.

    Marshall states that there is a secret pathway towards wealth and prosperity, and incredible wealth through marriage that can be reached by following this guide.

    The book goes on to state that you can “change your life by marrying a rich man, but first, change your mindset from negative to positive with our brain reprogramming guide. We offer you the where, what, and how to discover your rich man. We'll tell you the places they live, where they like to frequent, what kind of woman they like, how to attract them into your world, dating advice, marriage advice, whether or not to have children with him, and examples of other women who have created wealth through marrying up. Take the journey and open up your World by creating massive wealth through marriage.”

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  • #3: Where to Find a Rich Man

    50 Places to Meet and Attract Wealthy Men for Love and Marriage | By Eliza Duchamp | $3.99

    Where to Find a Rich ManAvailable on Kindle, Duchamp’s book, Where to Find a Rich Man: 50 Places to Meet and Attract Wealthy Men for Love and Marriage, claims that men are constantly chasing the “hot chick” and more often than not, it’s the first thing they notice and is a top priority for them. In a girl power twist, she states, why can’t success and prosperity be a top priority for all women? And she said it should be. We should all raise our standards, she says.

    Duchamp puts the onus on men, urging us to collectively encourage men to step up, because society expects us to be a perfect: a loving partner, supermom, gorgeous model, and top chef, all rolled until one beautiful package.

    “Let’s set our expectations equally high,” Duchamp states in the book.

    The book outlines the top 50 places and ways to meet wealthy men – she tells readers how to attend exclusive galas and where to look for rich men. The lists are exhaustive – Duchamp has clearly brainstormed and done her research – and there are great coaching tips on personal style, manners, education, and most importantly, how women can maintain self-respect in the quest to meet the wealthy man of their dreams.

    She states that this book will work, even if women don’t have a top-tier education or didn’t grow up with privilege and wealth.

    As a bonus, the end of the book contains a list of online resources that are invaluable to the search and pursuit of wealthy men. We think the list alone is worth the price of the book, as Duchamp does your research for you.

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  • #4: How To Marry Mr. Rich

    How To Find A Single Man Who Is Making $150,000+ Plus A Year | By Melody Summers | $14.77

    How To Marry Mr. RichAvailable in large print paperback, How To Marry Mr. Rich: How To Find A Single Man Who Is Making $150,000+ Plus A Year is brand new on the market – it was published earlier this year.

    Melody Summers shares her own experience, about how she worked as a server, and then a chambermaid in a hotel, until she quit her jobs and married a millionaire.

    Wanting to share her experience and wanting other women to have the same new life she loved, she wrote the book order others that it is really possible for you to marry a rich man, even if you are a struggling, poor, or middle-class woman.

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